THIS IS A DISCOUNT FOR YOU - 100g DIY AB Glue Metal Repair Paste Strong Cold Welding Industrial Glue Heat Resistance 2 In1 Strong Bond Sealant Repair Agent

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Product description

1.Replacing welding can meet all maintenance requirements. After repair, it is even stronger than iron and can be used for painting, tapping, polishing, sanding, drilling, molding, and other operations.
2.Durable and reliable: After curing, the casting repair adhesive is waterproof, oil resistant, impact resistant, and wear-resistant.
3.Easy to use: Mix AB adhesive in a 1:1 ratio and apply metal repair adhesive to the area that needs to be repaired. After 24 hours, various processing can be carried out.
4.Curing time: After mixing in a 1:1 ratio, it takes 1 hour to solidify and 24 hours to fully cure.
5.Wide application range: Universal adhesive is suitable for repairing all surfaces, such as steel, metal, ceramics, wood, electronic components, household appliances, glass, jewelry, plastics, etc. Working environment -40 ℃ to 200 ℃

Net content: 95G
Color (mixed): Iron Grey
Usage ratio: A: B=1:1 (mixed use)
Curing time: 1 hour initial solidification, 24 hours full solidification
Compressive strength: 82-95 (Mpa)
Density: 1.6-1.85H/CM2
Temperature resistance range -40 ° C to 200 ° C
Mainly used for repairing various casting defects such as sand holes, pores, and cracks in steel, iron, aluminum, and other castings

Package includes:
AB adhesive * 1

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