THIS IS A DISCOUNT FOR YOU - 1Pair Neuropathy Socks Ankle Compression Sleeve for Women or Men Ankle Support For Ankle

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Product description

Package Include:
1Pair * Ankle Brace Socks Compression Sleeve

Features :
- 20-30mmHg true graduated compression
- Comfortable nylon fabric : Breathable, Moisture Wicking, Tight and elastic
- Beaut

Why protect your ankle?
The ankle is a part of our body that we often move, and the chance of fasciitis at the ankle is very high. To protect it from sprains, wearing ankle braces is one of the effective ways.

How to protect our ankles?
The first role of ankle support is to provide pressure and reduce swelling. The second is to restrict activities so that the injured part can recuperate.

How to reduce sports injuries?
Protect your ankles during exercise to prevent sweat from flowing onto your feet and causing your feet to slip.


3.Provide excellent ankle
6.Perfect equipment for sport and travel



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