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Product description


♥ Name: Electric Anti-Snoring Device

♥ Size: 60*25*39mm

♥ Applicable people: those who snore or have difficulty breathing while sleeping, and those who habitually open their mouths, suitable for men and women

♥ Function: Anti-snoring + breathing


1.Twin turbofan fans keep breathing unhindered and sleep more comfortably!

2.Built-in battery, USB charging

3.In and out of the air outlet, breathing more smoothly

Package includes:

Anti-Snoring Device*1+USB cable*1+ function manual*1

Causes of snoring:

Breathing is blocked, caused by the soft and pale loosening and collapse of the back of the throat. When air passes through, the soft tissues vibrate and snore.The key to solving snoring is to open the airway physically and keep breathing unobstructed!

The principle of anti-snoring device:

The anti-snoring device is placed in the nasal cavity. After the airway expands, the air flow through the pharyngeal cavity produces vibration and eddy currents, and the jaw is raised to make breathing unobstructed, thereby reducing or eliminating snoring.

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