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Grounding Mat,Reduce Pain, Reconnect to The Earth EMF Recovery,35.4x23.6 inches Fits for Better Working,Sleep Assist and Helps with Anxiety

Earthing Grounding Mat for Improving Sleep, Grounding Pad for Health, Grounding Bed Mat with Grounding Cord for Better Working (35.5 * 23.6inch/90*60cm)

Grounding Mat, ,Reconnect to The Earth EMF Recovery,for Foot Therapy, Universal Grounding Sleep Mat, Grounding Yoga Mat,Improve Energy,Sleep Assist and Helps with Anxiety BLACK

✅You will love being Grounded: Grounding mat can provide many health benefits, such as better sleep, reduced stress, reduced inflammation, headaches or tension, improved blood circulation, and more energy. You will be healthier, happier and more confident after using our grounding mat.

✅Super attractive materials: The grounding mat is made of conductive carbon fiber and PU, an environmentally friendly non-toxic material. It could be cleaned easily. Whats more, it is light. Then you can take the grounding mat anywhere to feel being grounded anytime.

✅ Much easier to use: Just plug the buckle-type power cord into the grounding socket of the wall power outlet. These cushions can be used on the floor, under the table, on the bed, on the top of the table or any place you want. The most important point is to make sure bare skin touching. It could be hands, feet or any other part. Then you can enjoy the best grounding benefits.

✅ Careful care: The grounding mat can be used as a gift for ourselves or loved ones. We need to feel the healthy energy given to us by nature. No matter for yourself or others. This grounding mat is a good choice, you could have a try!

Grounding Benefits: grounding have been proven by research, including better sleep quality, improving micro circulation, accelerating wound healing, eliminating inflammation, reducing fatigue and muscle soreness, alleviating menstrual symptoms, and improving body sub-health.

Product Details

Material: Conductive Pu Carbon Leather
Grounding mat Size:60*90cm
Grounding mat Thickness: 0.8mm
Grounding card Size:4.5m
Safety adapter Type: EU/UK/US/AU Plug

The kit contains

1* Universal grounding mat
1* 4.5m Grounding card
1* Safety adapter



Throughout time, humans have sat, stood, strolled, and slept on the ground – the skin of our bodies touching the skin of the earth.

Such ordinary contact brings benefits to our health. However, modern lifestyle has disconnected us.

Now Grounding Mat can connect our body to the earth again. Even while we work, sit, relax, or sleep.
Grounding can improve our health.


-Grounding foot mat: Stand on it while washing dishes or cooking.

-Exercise mat: When you meditate, you can get closer to nature.

-Grounding working mat: Bring it to work and place on your desk and use as a mouse pad or place it under your desk and let it do its magic while you work.

-Grounding bed mat: The grounding mat helps you sleep better and gives you energy for the new day.


Reduced inflammation and pain
Improved blood circulation and heart variability
Reduced stress, calms the sympathetic nervous system
An enhanced immune system
Better sleep and good health
more energy and more refreashed


1. First put the black PU leather side on top.

2. Next, connect the Grounding Mat into safety adapter and snap it onto the grounding mat.

3. Then place your feet, arms, or other body parts on the mat

very easy to clean, just use a wet cloth to wipe it.
could be folded up and very light, you could take it any place you want to enjoy grounding benefits anytime!

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