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Name: Height Boosting

Keywords: Grow Up, Grow Up

Capacity: 30ml

Gross Weight: 48g

Ingredients: Purified Water, Lavender Oil, Hawthorn Extract, Etc.

Packing Size: 10.5*3*3cm


1. Growth Hormone In The Pituitary Gland Is Responsible For The Growth Of Our Bones, Body Composition And Metabolism. The Is To Trigger The Growth Of These Hormones And Help You Increase Your Height After The Age Of 18. It Is Effective, Healthy, Safe And Natural.

2. The Can Promote The Body To Synthesize Growth Hormone And Make Bones Grow Again. Its For People Aged 12 To 36, With The Younger The Better.

3. This Product Can Stimulate The Division And Growth Of Bone Cells And Increase The Height.

4. Add Plant Extracts, Safe And Reliable To Use, While Stimulating The Growth And Division Of Bone Cells.

5. Prolonging The Closing Time Of The Bone Line Can Stimulate The Development Of Bones Again, Which Is Beneficial To Increase Height And Also Relax The Muscles Of The Feet.

Package Included:

1 * Care essential oil

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