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Product description


Net content: 15ml

Size: 7*4*4cm

Shelf life: 3 years

Product functions and features are:
1. Effective shaping: The shaping care solution specially designed for male buttocks can help shape male buttock muscles to make them stronger and tighter.

2. Shrinkage relief: Contains skin-tightening ingredients, which can help improve the shrinkage of male breasts and improve short-term firmness.

3. Deep nourishment: Nourishing ingredients can deeply nourish the skin and improve skin elasticity and firmness.

4. Buffer care: It has the function of buffering the skin, helping to relieve skin instability and improve skin comfort.

5. Safe and non-irritating: Mild formula, authoritative irritating ingredients, suitable for skin, safe and reliable to use.
How to use: Apply to breast area and cleanse thoroughly, ensuring skin is dry. Take male breast shaping liquid, apply it evenly on the breast area, and massage gently until completely absorbed. When massaging, gently massage upwards to promote product absorption and improve the firmness of the pyramid. It is recommended to use it every morning and evening for better sculpting effect with continuous use.

Note: If there are special circumstances, please consult a professional physician or pharmacist before use.

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