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Product description

Teeth whitening, remove teeth stains and improve yellow teeth.
Cares for gums, refreshes breath.
Painless, safe and healthy, fast whitening results.
How to use:
1. Take off cap and gently twist dial from the bottom untill gel reaches to the brush.
2. Apply a layer of the whitening gel to each tooth, then keep mouth closed for 5 to10
3. For best results, apply twice a day for the first 7 days; then use as needed onNet: 4ml
Easy to use, portable, fast results.
Mentholum Sorbitol Vitamine
▶Shelf life:3 years
1. Do not use this product if suffering from dental ulcers, broken gum, or after oral surgery.
2. Users with sensitive teeth shall reduce the application times or use it under the guidance of dentist.
3. Not for the persons under the age of 16 or pregnant women.
4. Stop using if you feel unwell.


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