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Take a picture of the places you never think about!

Record videos or take pictures of places you never thought you’d get access to! Now you can see everything in hard-to-reach places in high-definition photos and videos taken with this Endoscope Camera.

Wriggle into narrow places

Inspired by endoscopy procedures , this camera allows you to investigate better and not miss any more details in narrow places as it can reach tiny and very tight places due to the malleability of its wire and size. 

See clearly in dark and wet places

Not only tight places, now you can also see in completely dark and wet places thanks to its adjustable LED lighting and excellent waterproofing. 

Identify problems of devices easily

As you can film and photograph locations with difficult access, it’s easier to identify the problem inside the electronic devices and show your customers the condition of the devices. Get your work done more efficiently, become an even better professional with our Endoscope Camera!

Easy to use

You don’t need to be an endoscopy doctor to use our Endoscope Camera, it’s really easy to use! You just need to connect the USB cable to your cell phone or computer and download the APP. And now you are able to film, photograph or just watch in real time whatever you want.

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  • Material: Plastic

  • Supported APP: CameraFi (on Google Store)

  • Length: 1m / 2m / 3.5m / 5m

  • Supported Phone Models:

Package includes
  • 1 x Endoscope Camera

  • 1 x Side Mirror 

  • 1 x Hook

  • 1 x Magnet

  • 1 x Instructions

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