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Product description

Comfort, cushion, and support during sleep

Back, leg, or hip discomfort can disrupt your sleep, setting you up for a whole world of problems and keeping you up all night. Luckily, there are knee pillows to help.

Great comfort at night

With most side sleepers, the hips and knees are pushed together, which puts the spine into an unnatural position. A knee pillow like this, lifting the knees and hips to prevent discomfort and potential pain.

Utmost softness

The responsive memory foam is dense and supportive, but also manages to be squishy and soft, with what most may call a “cloud-like quality.”

Skin-friendly, breathable pillowcase

In addition to its flexible comfort, this cushion also boasts a few other notable features, like a 100% cotton, breathable pillowcase fabric, and convenient zip for easy removal and cleaning.

Flexible elastic strap

Feel free to enjoy your sweetest dream, while having the best support from this pillow, knowing it’s nicely secured to your legs by the elastic band.

Grab your perfect sleeping pillow!


  • Material:

    • Pillowcase: Pure Cotton

    • Pillow Inserts: Memory Foam

  • Dimensions: 25 x 23 x 13cm

Care instructions

  • Remove Pillowcase To Wash

  • Machine Washable (with Gentle / Wool Mode, Cold Water)

  • Do Not Bleach

  • Hang To Dry

Package includes

  • 1 x Knee Pillow

  • 1 x Pillowcase


  • The product does not have the function of pain relief, orthopedics and treatment of back, knees and legs issues.

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